Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm Doing What?!

I'm a week into this and thought I needed a bigger goal.  Something to carry me further.  I have talked about doing it.  I've said I would do it.  However, up until today I've never truly committed to doing it. 

What is it, you ask?  The Fifth Third River Bank Run.  There is a 5K, 10K and a 25K.  I'm doing the 5K.  I figure if I can get this body that far in under an hour I'll impress myself, let alone anyone who knows me!

The 21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts we are doing at RC Fitness are kicking my butt!  I'm doing them though, and I'm doing better than I thought I could.  It just goes to prove you don't know what you can do until you try.  So don't let your own self doubt keep you for getting out there and give it your best shot.  Even if you can't do it all, you will have done something.

The food has been great.  But I won't say that I've been perfect.  There was a busy night when I was tired and hungry.  I made frozen pizzas.  I ate the pizza.  I did not even attempt to figure out how the pizza fit in to or out of my food plan.  I moved on. 

The difference is that in the past I would have let that derail me for days, or even weeks.  This time I woke up and moved forward the next day.  Here are some of the on plan meals we've been enjoying.

There is quite a lot of food on those plates.  And how awesome is that whole grain english muffin as a bun for the turkey burger? 

No matter what choices you made yesterday, it does not have to be the undoing of your tomorrow.  Learn what you can from your mistakes.  Leave behind what hinders you.  Move forward.

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